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Hickory Cooking Wood Splits - Boxes

Hickory Cooking Wood Splits - Boxes

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It's our hick in a box. 

Experience the intense flavor that comes from cooking over hickory.

Perfect for grilling and smoking steaks, ribs, chicken, and more, our ultra-premium cooking wood is of the highest quality and burns hotter and longer than other hardwoods.

Each box comes with carefully inspected standard cut logs plus fire starters, kindling, and premium wood matches.

We believe in the pursuit of the best wood and the search for what is most authentic. That is what you are getting with our cooking wood boxes. 

If you order one of our cooking wood boxes and cook over open fire at your next dinner party, I promise you that your friends will literally lose their minds... and never stop talking to you about that time you cooked with fire.

What's in the box?

This box of firewood includes enough kiln dried hickory for 2-4 cooks. Specifications include:

  • Our premium hickory firewood
  • Small box: 9" by 9" by 9" (about 10 lbs)
  • Large box: 17″ by 16″ by 14" (about 50 lbs)
  • Each box includes a few pieces of kindling, matches, and fire starters
  • Boxes weigh up to 50 pounds and contain only firewood with 5-10% moisture content (less water weight, more wood for your cook!)
  • Can be shipped nationwide
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