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Handforged axes, survival kits, 192 pages of firewood


Gränsfors Bruk Handforged Axes Since 1902

Gränsfors Bruk

LLAMAWOOD friend, Tyler Ross, recommended that we check out these handforged axes from Sweden. I immediately became obsessed with this company. I don't own one yet but I am both eyeing them and admiring their manufacturing criteria which they have defined as:

  • We shall manufacture axes with the best possible function for the axe’s area of application.
  • We shall manufacture axes that have as little impact as possible in our environment.
  • We shall manufacture axes with respect for the people who create them.

I feel like those are the perfect criteria for a firewood delivery business as well and I plan to borrow them when defining the LLAMAWOOD delivery criteria.

A Beginners Guide To Field Survival Kits For Hunting

Meat Eater (Steve Rinella)

Steve Rinella is a bad ass. I heard an interview with him where he talks about the pack that he carries with him in his truck at all times. It's probably overkill for the East Coast (he lives in Alaska) but I found this hunting survival kit that will do the trick. Being a super Dad or super Mom means being prepared, according to LLAMAWOOD customer Tim T. This little kit will ensure you are never caught off guard.

Product Update

Brand New Product Photos

We get asked all the time: "How much wood is a 1/4 cord or 1/2 cord or full cord?" You asked. We listened and we updated our photos to show exactly what you get with each order either dumped or stacked! Since we're all friends here, I'd love to know what you think. Let me know if it does the trick. (See below)

firewood delivery on demand and stacked

Book Recommendations

Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way

Amazon (Non-affiliate link)

Did somebody really write an entire book about firewood? Yes. They. Did. And it is awesome but you've got to really like firewood. Here are my two favorite lines in the book:

"A tree burned in a stove releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as it would had it been allowed to die and rot."

"And here it now seems obvious to me that I have omitted all mention of the desperado and the melancholic, not to mention the psychopath, representing the darker sides of the human psyche, impossible to ignore in any serious consideration of the art of chopping wood - we are, after all, talking about smashing something into pieces. Modern life doesn't offer many opportunities to compare with this, to engage in a serious act of violence one day and enjoy the fruits of it the next, and all without doing anyone any harm. Am I a part-time psychopath?"

Speaking of chopping wood... how about a book about Axes?

Buchanan-Smith’s Handbook to the Axe: Knowing, Buying, Using, Hanging, Restoring & Adorning

Amazon (Non-affiliate link)

A must-have compendium for the axe-wielding adventurer by one of the industry’s leading tastemakers. Spoiler alert: his favorite axe (and he owns hundreds) is a Gränsfors Bruk.

Happy chopping,


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