A letter from Hunter Guerin, Chief Executive Officer

hunter guerin

April 2021

Hey! First of all, I want to thank you personally for wanting to learn more about this community.

LLAMAWOOD started with the simple question: Why is it so hard to buy good firewood? Like so many of you, I thought the whole process could be a lot better. 

The story of humans harnessing fire dates back over a million years, yet today, it's not much easier than it was back then. LLAMAWOOD is on a mission to change that by reimagining the way the world moves firewood for the better.

We leverage technology to match people in search of better firewood with highly-vetted firewood businesses that are ready to deliver great firewood directly to you, on-demand. We work with farmers, loggers, kilns, tree services, and gear manufacturers to bring you the best and most interesting woods and gear we can find. As a member, you will get exclusive access to all the newest products, members-only promotions, and local community events.

I am honored that we will be blazing this trail together. Happy burning. #thrownintothefire

Hunter Guerin